The Democratic National Convention was in Philadelphia July 25-28th and regardless of my party affiliation just the thought of a woman running for President of the United States of America excites me. We have two women running; Hillary Clinton and Dr. Jill Stein.

It has been proven that woman in politics prioritize issues affecting women’s rights, families and children on their legislative agendas. These women have also voted in favor of environmental protections and policies more consistently than men have over the past 25 years in both House and Senate. So put aside your elephant or donkey, your Hillary or Donald, what would it be like to have a woman President? As we said remember that we have also Dr. Jill Stein running as a woman for president with the Green Party, so they are two “against” one, this is history made

. Let’s wish…. Women are strong leaders. It is sad that we still need to work harder than men to prove ourselves, but we do. Some believe we are still the weakest gender but this is not true. A woman as our president would just help be a step in the right direction for equal rights for woman.Women have heart. Maybe there would be less war with a woman as our president. More compassion, peaceful resolutions and taking time to listen to problems, these are qualities I envision when thinking of a woman president. Just imagine how inspiring it would be for little girls to look up to a woman president. Having a woman in the Oval Office would send the message loud and clear to our girls that they can be absolutely anything – or even the leader of the free world. What are your thoughts on a woman as president? What would you envision or wish? ~Mary Beth Iannarella GirlTalk Marlton/Wishwall adm

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